Detail and quality have always been my focus in business.

No matter what the job, it’s caring about every detail and an obsession with excellence that can really set you apart.

I started working before I finished school. I used to clean the stairwells and foyers of the flats on our estate for some pocket money. As soon as I hit sixteen, I got myself a moped. With a bucket strapped to the rack, a vacuum cleaner on the running boards and poles tied to the side, I’d head off to clean offices and rugby clubs at 5am each morning.​

From those humble beginnings I built a specialist industrial cleaning business, eventually employing dozens of people with a fleet of vehicles, winning contracts with the likes of BMW, Airbus, Walkers, Honda and DAF Trucks. Since then I’ve gained experience across a range of industries. This included setting up additional businesses such as selling cleaning chemicals online which quickly grew to over £1 million in annual sales. Importing and selling firewood, property renovation and holiday lettings are others which I’ve also launched, grown and successfully sold.

I’ve learned a heck of a lot about business efficiency on my journey, and now I want to use that experience to help other company owners and senior leaders. ​

That’s what Launch Control is all about.

I know that my attention to detail and obsession with quality could help you to get more out of your business. I’m passionate about saving you money whilst freeing up more of your time to enjoy it. While you focus on the bigger picture, I’ll concentrate on those other, time-consuming tasks which, done properly, can deliver some hefty profit improvements.
It's like having a business partner without having to give up any of your shares.

Dave Gardner


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