The Chemical Hut

The Chemical Hut had good sales through a variety of channels. But they were stagnating. We identified Amazon Prime as a way of improving an established presence on the store. To achieve this Amazon’s internal metrics for becoming a Prime seller had to be met.

Working with the sales and customer services teams we were able to source and implement new systems to meet the required standards. Such as response rates to customer enquiries, tracking data uploaded to the site daily and improving the descriptions.

Having gained approval for Prime selling we then moved into facilitating the process in the warehouse. At the time FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon) was the only way to sell Prime. This meant breaking down the palletised stock into individual products, packaged with a unique barcode and then re-palletised for shipment to Amazon warehouses.

Re-training and recruitment was needed to adapt to the unique requirements. This was further developed when SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime) was introduced. The key difference with SFP was that Amazon collected the products at a set time on a daily basis.

Improved sales meant improved supplier costs and terms which all added to increased profitability and growth.