Page 1 of Google Results?

Google made 3,200 algorithm changes in just 1 year. Do not adjust your screen. This is not a typo. 3,200.

They’ve published solid advice for SEOs and you can take a look below. But here’s a summary of what it means for you and me.

You’ll often hear what we “must” do because of the latest, most publicised update. But there’s a problem other than the sheer volume of them.

We use Google so much that it’s become a verb. Their aim is to deliver the most relevant results for what we actually want. Our aim when searching is to find what we want very quickly.

Trying to sidestep their system with a million links and over hyped cheats is missing the point.

I was given some great advice over 9 years ago. We were building a janitorial supplies website that had over 1,000 products. The temptation was to cut and paste the manufacturers’ description for each item. The advice was that we write a unique description for each and every product. Lousy! But the result? 9 years later website still ranks above the manufacturers’ sites even for common documents like data sheets.

The harder something is to do, the more Google rewards it.

Google’s and now my advice is the same. If we want our website to rank highly we have to put the work in with unique, relevant and useful content. Do that, and we won’t need to worry about the next 30,000 algorithm changes because a good website stands the test of time.