Amazon Greatness

What could selling on Amazon do for you? 

Amazon have fundamentally changed our expectations of online shopping with a seemingly infinite product range, same day deliveries and first class returns policy. Their sales figures are immense.

Having just a tiny share of this could transform your business. If it’s done correctly.

Too many businesses have started the process by listing on the site but then fail to manage the process so that it does very little for them, ultimately becoming an inconvenience. So let’s run through some steps to Amazon success.

1.    Images. The best sellers have professional and unique photographs. If it looks like it was taken on your garage floor why would they trust you. If it’s the same stock photo as everybody else why would the customer stop to look at your ad.

2.    Detail. A single line repeating what the product is called won’t tell your potential customer what they need to know. If they have any doubts that it’s what they want, they won’t buy it. The more detail you can include like size, applications, weight, instructions, benefits etc. the more confidence you instil. 

3.    Pricing. It seems obvious to say this but it’s pointless making a loss selling anything. It’s too easy to be caught up in competition chasing sales and paying for the privilege. Double check and check again that you’ve allowed for the right fees and calculated the VAT element correctly before setting your price. 

4.    Delivery expectations. We’re not very good at waiting for our stuff these days. The easiest way to upset a customer is to miss the delivery deadline. If at all possible offer a next day service. But if you do be sure to stick to it. Regardless of delivery option always provide tracking information uploaded through the Amazon system.

5.    Customer service. Response time to any enquiry is measured by Amazon. If you get a message – respond quickly. If there’s a problem, resolve it quickly. There may be some short term pain but your ratings are too valuable in the long term.

6.    Consistency. Once you have these things in order and you stick with it your seller rating will climb. Not just the one shown on your ads either, Amazon have internal seller metrics that will open new opportunities and offerings.

7.    Prime. Get the above right and you qualify for the next level in sales; a Prime badge on your advert.  This is achieved either by FBA (Fulfilment By Amazon), by sending your products to an Amazon warehouse, or SFP (Seller Fulfilled Prime), which is a courier style arrangement with Amazon directly.

Not only can you hugely increase your sales, but your purchasing costs will almost certainly fall as your volumes increase.

Like the idea but not the time it will take? Launch Control can do it for you.